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More Customers, No Competition: With the right Marketing for your WP Agency, it’s possible

Patrick Mitter

Patrick | May 10, 2023

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There is one thing that every digital agency, WordPress agency, and service-based business (and actually every business in general) needs: customers.

Because without customers there is no business.

Even if people are saying that customer retention is often more important and less costly than the acquisition of new customers. Businesses don’t grow solely by increasing customer loyalty. They grow primarily by acquiring new customers!

That’s why you need the right marketing strategy for your WordPress agency. This is the only way you can stand out from the competition and grow with your agency.

5 Tips to Improve your Agency’s Marketing

Finding new customers is one of the most difficult tasks you will face with your business. And the right marketing is crucial to the long-term success of your WordPress agency.

We have summarized the most important marketing tips so that you can achieve a steady stream of new customers and assert yourself in the industry in the long term.

1. Lead by Example

What we mean by that is that you should optimize your website as much as you optimize it for your customers.

Your website is like your portfolio, so it should be not only visually appealing but also technically flawless. The keyword here is user experience.  

It should go without saying, that you have to give your website’s visitors a great user experience. Nevertheless, the reality is often different.

Good user experience can not only bring positive experiences with your website but also convince the user of your offer.

Users have to be able to deal with your offer smoothly and easily.

Web design, as well as the technical aspects both play a big role here.

First and foremost, your website’s aesthetic appeal has to stand out from the crowd. Because aesthetics are always the first thing that catches the eye.

Furthermore, the navigation on your website must of course be designed to be as easy as possible. This includes not only a good overview and clear structure of the website, but also the website’s pagespeed, or responsive design.

Practice what you preach! 

After all, that is what your customers are looking for. A website that makes them unique.

2. Case Studies and Testimonials

One of the best tactics to get more clients with your WP Agency is to use case studies and testimonials.

Case studies tell the story of a project that you successfully completed. They allow potential customers to immerse themselves in the story, experience it for themselves, and better understand the process.

In addition, the interested parties get a taste of what it could be like if they also decide to go with you and your offer.

Corina Lässle's GREYD Success Story

Your case studies should include the following points:

  • What was the customer’s original challenge or problem? Did they have concerns?
  • Why did they choose your agency?
  • What was the scope of the work and how did you approach the project?
  • What were your customer’s experiences working with you?
  • What hurdles did the project encounter, and how did you overcome them?
  • What are the results of the joint work and the impact of the project on the customer’s business?
  • A statement from the customer, including what they would say to a potential customer who is undecided about whether to hire your agency.

The key to a good case study is customer involvement. The best way to conduct an interview with your customer is to get his or her point of view.

The customer’s concerns and doubts are also interesting for others to know. So feel free to mention them in the case study. If potential customers are still hesitating, this information will help them put the uncertainties aside and make a final decision.

Testimonials and customer references are extremely valuable for WordPress service providers. They give a taste of your working process and show that you have provided success and satisfied customers in the past.

That’s why you should also have your own testimonial section with positive reviews and statements of your customers on your website. You can also utilize this section to refer to the somewhat more detailed case studies.

3. Create long-term SEO Content

Over 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search. And over 28% of users click on the first organic result.

In short, it is worth getting as high as possible in the search engine rankings. Because this will also increase your website visitor numbers and in turn increase the chance of more conversions

As a web developer, you’re likely to be familiar with most SEO practices that serve your clients. But is your own website optimized to deliver the best results as well?

We know content creation is a time-consuming process. But above all, in connection with the right SEO measures, blog posts add a lot to your marketing as an agency, and you create valuable customer contact.

In fact, blog posts are a wonderful way to communicate with prospects, strengthen your authority, make the website more visible in search results, and differentiate your WordPress agency from the competition.

Of course, it’s a bit difficult as a WP agency, because the competition knows these SEO measures just as well.

That’s why it’s particularly important that you don’t limit yourself to very generic search terms and don’t do intensive keyword stuffing.

It is better to focus on your local niche and also use long-tail keywords. While it may generate less traffic for you, this is qualified traffic that will bring you quality leads.

Also, always keep an eye on the relevance of your topics. Ask your customers and prospects what topics and terms they are looking for or what questions they frequently ask.

This often helps to derive which topics you can use in your SEO strategy. Incidentally, at GREYD we follow the same approach.

Instead of covering the same topics as the competition, we listen to our target group to learn which topics and sub-topics are still under-covered.This is how, for example, the comparative article for Oxygen vs. Elementor.

4. Networking at Events

Never underestimate the power of personal networking at events. These often provide a unique opportunity to network and introduce yourself personally to potential new customers.

If you don’t know where to start, many regions have meet-ups and networking groups for local businesses.

WordPress has a large community that regularly organizes seminars and events where you can share experiences with others and get to know potential customers.

You’ve probably already heard of WordCamps. Because these conferences are all about WordPress, they’re the perfect place to connect with people who want to learn more about the platform.

Among them are often website operators who would like the help of an experienced WordPress agency.

In general, we recommend conferences aimed at online business owners. The speakers there often explain the importance of an appealing website, so that you can easily start with a sales pitch.

For example, if you specialize in managing hospitality websites, you could attend events geared toward the local hospitality industry.

The idea of ​​catering to a niche will also help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Because the more the focus is on the niche, the greater the chance that yours is the only one and above all the best WordPress agency in the area.

5. Offer Full-Service

Running a successful WordPress website can require a lot of ongoing maintenance.

For busy website owners, convenience is key. A potential customer will almost always prefer one WP agency that takes care of all its maintenance and administrative needs. This way, they don’t have to sign contracts with several service providers.

For you, this means that in the best-case scenario, you have a full-service web design agency that will make you stand out among other WordPress agencies.

You should be offering a broad range of services, so that you can cover all your customer’s different needs. 

In this case, a tool like GREYD.Hub could be an absolute secret weapon.

You can flexibly design and manage all your web projects with this tool. This allows you to offer a complete management service while minimizing your workload.

GREYD.Hub Website Overview

With GREYD.Hub, in addition to creative design, you can also plan everything from Backups, to monitoring website security, to scanning for new versions of your clients’ plugins and themes.

Bonus Tip

If your WP agency can’t cover all these services, you could instead cooperate with social media agencies or SEO agencies, for example.

Such agencies usually serve the same target group as WordPress agencies, but are not in direct competition because they offer different services.

These synergies are great because working with service providers from similar industries can bring you valuable leads and more awareness for your brand.

Patrick Mitter

By Patrick

Patrick loves good texts. Preferably about topics concerning online marketing and WordPress. Having built websites by using well-known page builders on his own and being very experienced in the SEO industry, he is very familiar with any kind of problems regarding those plugins. This is the reason why he adopted GREYD’s mission to simplify work for web designers as well as agencies

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