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Known Issues


Certain contents are not taken into account in the WordPress search. This includes, for example, content in reusable blocks, placeholders in Dynamic Templates that have not been overwritten, menus, etc.

TinyMCE boxes in form settings

GREYD.SUITE uses the TinyMCE Editor in the form settings (e.g. emails), which is not yet compatible to Gutenberg. Therefore the visual editor fields are currently not available. GREYD is already developing a solution. Until then, emails can of course still be set – with the „Quicktags Editor“.

Form Settings

Currently, form fields only appear in the form settings (e.g. follow-up actions, interfaces) after both the form has been published and the page has been refreshed.

Dynamic Inline Tag Styling

The UX for styling content that is inserted via Dynamic Tags (e.g. font style, alignment, etc.) is currently a little complicated. An additional digit has to be marked (e.g. a space digit) for the Dynamic Tag to be set correctly. Or you could double-click the dynamic tag.

Editor Performance/Errors

Currently backend performance issues and/or errors can occur in the block editor especially in complex pages, especially using a lot of large templates. We are constantly working to improve this situation and have already made significant improvements using caching for all dynamic templates and dynamic fields.

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Die E-Mail-Adresse sollte ein ‘@’-Zeichen und eine gültige Domain mit einem Punkt enthalten.
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