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In the weeks ahead, we plan to develop and implement the following features and interfaces for GREYD.SUITE:

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Currently Being Developed

API Expansion for Global Content

API connection to sync content in GREYD.SUITE with external applications; “endpoint builder“ to easily connect external content without coding

GREYD.Hub Extensions

Extended dashboard (across sites and installations) with monitoring & admin analytics features.

Full Site Editing Compatibility

Integration of the new Full Site Editing features of WordPress in GREYD.SUITE


Technological adaptations for accessible websites out of the box; Accessibility Assistant

Global Content Staging Sites

Test feature for global elements before putting changes live; staging dashboard with info on connections, error messages, etc.

Enhancements / Expansions

Gradient with global styles

Referencing of your global styles in gradients

Improved UX for Dynamic Tags

Preview-function for Dynamic Tags

New Interfaces and Integrations

  • Mailing Tools
    Additional interfaces to email tools to send individual mailings via GREYD.Forms

  • Typekit Adobe Fonts
    Direct access to additional fonts

  • Pipedrive
    Send data from GREYD.Forms directly to your CRM and pipeline management software

  • Chatbot
    Automated communication with website visitors incl. tracking options

  • Icon Libraries
    Integrate individual icon libraries

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