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In the weeks ahead, we plan to develop and implement the following features and interfaces for GREYD.SUITE:

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Currently Being Developed

API Expansion for Global Content

API connection to sync content in GREYD.SUITE with external applications; “endpoint builder“ to easily connect external content without coding

Global Content Staging Sites

Test feature for global elements before putting changes live; staging dashboard with info on connections, error messages, etc.

Full Site Editing Compatibility

Integration of the new Full Site Editing features of WordPress in GREYD.SUITE


Technological adaptations for accessible websites out of the box; Accessibility Assistant


Scroll & hover animations as well as transformations of nearly every website element incl. global settings

Advanced Search

Individual creation fo search fields with detailed setting options, live search, frontend filter & enhanced sorting options

User Management

Integrated user management with user role and rights management as well as individual login pages

Enhancements / Expansions

Gradient with global styles

Referencing of your global styles in gradients

Improved UX for Dynamic Tags

Preview-function for Dynamic Tags

New Interfaces and Integrations

  • Mailing Tools
    Additional interfaces to email tools to send individual mailings via GREYD.Forms

  • Typekit Adobe Fonts
    Direct access to additional fonts

  • Pipedrive
    Send data from GREYD.Forms directly to your CRM and pipeline management software

  • Chatbot
    Automated communication with website visitors incl. tracking options

  • Icon Libraries
    Integrate individual icon libraries

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