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Whether you want to connect to your CRM or integrate social media platforms, GREYD.SUITE has numerous native interfaces and is compatible with your favourite plugins.

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Schnittstellen Icon GREYD.SUITE
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Sync your data from GREYD.Forms and/or your WooCommerce shop with your CRM to ensure your GREYD.SUITE website is perfectly integrated in your marketing, sales and customer service processes.

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Our integrated form generator, GREYD.Forms, has a native interface with Salesforce. Form entries can be turned into Salesforce leads in just a few clicks.

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Connect your forms with over 2,000 tools with just a few clicks. Our interface to “Webhooks by Zapier” makes it possible.

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Incorporate Lottie animations on your site and configure page speed-optimised behaviour in just a few clicks.



Connect your newsletter tool with GREYD.Forms to include leads from forms in your mailing list and send them individually tailored newsletters.

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Create your own interfaces to your individual tools without coding. With webhooks, it’s super easy!

zoom logo - GREYD.Forms interface

Zoom Webinar

Use GREYD.Forms to manage registrations for your Zoom webinars. Dates and webinar information can be displayed dynamically.

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Connect your Mailchimp Account to create contacts in Mailchimp directly from form entries, include them in Mailchimp mailing lists and send individual mailings.

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With GREYD.SUITE, integrating a WooCommerce shop in your website is now even easier!
  • Global design settings

    Button styles, fonts, etc. are automatically adjusted to your Customizer settings

  • Design edits without CSS

    Customised styling and layout without CSS programming

  • Dynamic Tags

    Dynamic integration of price, basket button, etc. in post overviews and other modules

  • Natively integrated direct checkout button

    With a host of options such as redirection, styles & different basket settings

  • Page speed optimisation

    Deactivate WooCommerce scripts & styles easily on mainstream pages

GREYD.SUITE integrates this popular page speed optimisation plugin, offering the following benefits:
  • One-click installation

    Plugin activated directly in the GREYD installation wizard

  • Default GREYD settings for optimal configuration

    No individual adjustment of complex options

  • Automatic cache clearing

    No need to clear cache manually

Yoast SEO
SEO optimizing your website is now even easier. In GREYD.SUITE, you will benefit from our optimized integration of the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Active notes on visibility

    Never again forget to uncheck the “no index” checkbox in order for search engines to find your website. We will let you know about it!

  • Optimized sitemap

    With the optimized GREYD Sitemap, tags and categories no longer have to be hidden from Google in the Yoast settings manually. Also, Dynamic Post Types will be shown automatically in front end searches, thus can be found by users using a search field on your website.


Protect your forms against bots.


Make your site available in different languages.

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Link to Issuu documents on your site.

Facebook Logo

Connect your Facebook account to like and share.

Instagram Logo

Integrate Instagram content directly on your site.

Themepunch logo

Build stunning sliders.

LinkedIn Logo

Link and share your LinkedIn profile.

Xing Logo

Link and share your Xing page.


Integrate music on your site.

Twitter Logo

Connect your Twitter profile with your website.

YouTube Logo

Incorporate your videos directly in GREYD.SUITE.

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Integrate Vimeo videos quickly and easily.

Dailymotion Logo

Embed your Dailymotion videos with ease.

Need an individual interface?

Can’t find your CRM or a key marketing tool in this list? No problem! Get in touch – we’d be happy to add a corresponding interface for you.

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