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Discover countless possibilities that far exceed established WordPress standards.

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Separated Content and Design

Change your website's appearance in just a few clicks, without affecting its content.

Block Editor

Intuitive & individual website design without coding skills.

Live Preview

Visual editor for pages, templates, forms, and pop-ups. Preview all your changes in real time with our Customizer!

No Code

You don’t need to write a line of code to do things like customizing your design or creating a form with CRM connection.


GREYD.SUITE gives you full control to create 100% responsive websites.

Academy & Helpcenter

Create your first GREYD.WEBSITE within minutes with our quick video guides or take a deep dive with our in-depth tutorial videos.

Blank Canvas

With GREYD.SUITE, you don’t need to install a theme first. Juts start with a blank page or use existing layout templates.

Plugin Recommendations

You’ll get a list of recommended plugins that have helped us succeed in our years of collaborating with agencies.

40+ Blocks

Everything you need for professional websites – from a simple text block to a feature-heavy content box.


In many of our features you’ll find handy presets to save you time. 


Set up the basic structure of your site in just a few clicks, without having to edit all the settings individually.


CSS, JavaScript or HTML: You can extend GREYD.SUITE as you like.


Create accessible websites that work for all users, as well as screen readers, without any limitations.

Lazy Load

Better page speed thanks to optimized loading of images & animations.

GREYD Editor Helper

Visible blank areas, guides and customizable previews simplify the process of building pages.


Say hello to lightning-fast websites and say goodbye to complicated SEO methods or plugins that slow down your projects. 

Design Features

Template Library

Choose from a variety of completely customizable patterns and templates for forms, popups, entire websites and much more.

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Header Builder

Maximum design freedom with intuitive handling guaranteed: individual off-canvas & overlay menus, freely placeable header elements, dropdowns and much more.

Dynamic Templates

Fill templates dynamically and use them in different locations with different content. 

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Global Styles

Define colors, shapes, fonts, etc. globally in the Customizer instead of individually for each element.


Import and export your design settings with a single click, independent of your content.


Add gradients, separators or overlays, without programming.

Custom Fonts

Choose the right Google Font or upload your own fonts into GREYD.SUITE.

Color Picker

You can access your global color selection from any block in pages, posts, forms, templates or pop-ups.


Bring elements to life with different animations without writing a single line of code.

Images & Videos

Embed audiovisual content anywhere – as backgrounds, animated, or with a hover effect.

Dynamic Post Types

Create custom post types with your own taxonomies (categories & keywords), e.g. for employees, locations, products or events.

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Display posts, search results or archives as sortable tables.

HotSpot Block

Include interactive graphics and animations on your website with the HotSpot Block.

Trigger Picker

Place links (pages, scroll-to, back) or trigger actions (e.g. open an email window or popup) easily.

Dynamic Tags

Integrate dynamic values like your website title, copyright, today's date or post details.


Create individual sliders to bring your content to life – without a separate plugin.


You can put any element to the front or the back of your design to give your layout a 3D effect.

WordPress Templates

Complete design freedom over your 404 pages, single-post template, footer etc.


Let your users filter search results by categories or custom taxonomies.

Page Grid

Change your page grid without programming effort and easily adapt your layout for mobile devices.


Create flexible custom gradients, even with multiple gradients and hard edges, without programming.

Drop Shadows

In GREYD.SUITE, you don't need CSS to create individual drop shadows.

Individual Breakpoints

Adapt the breakpoints for the responsive settings individually.

Elegant Icon Library

The entire Elegant Icon range is available in GREYD.SUITE.


Create animated counters for individual values or numbers of posts.

Accordion Block

Create an accordion block with collapsible sections.

Site Management Features


GREYD.SUITE works perfectly for multisite networks as well as single websites.

One-Click Installation

Install GREYD.SUITE on new websites with just one click.

Easy Reset

Effortlessly resetting design settings, content, GREYD.SUITE or the whole WordPress site is super easy in GREYD.Hub.

Centralized Backend

Manage all your WordPress websites in one central backend. 

One-Click Import/Export

Design, database tables, plugins, content, and whole pages can be easily exported from existing domains and imported to another one.

One-Click Backups

There’s a central dashboard for the installation to easily create backups of content, design settings or entire websites.

New Websites

Create and set-up new websites directly in GREYD.Hub.

Password Protection

Secure individual sections or entire pages with individual password protection.

CSV Exports

Export form entries easily as a CSV file.

Database Tables

Manage your database tables easily and clearly: delete, export and replace values.

Global Content


Use WordPress like a headless CMS and manage the same content on several websites via one central backend.

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Multisite Connector


Connect any number of websites and even different multisite installations with each other.

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Search & Replace

Automatically replace categories, keywords and posts on your website.

User Management


Create custom user roles with very detailed individual capabilities

Form Features

Conditional Container

Vary your form automatically depending on what field a user fills in or what options they select.


Design multi-step forms with individual transitions, progress bar and many additional features.

Manage Entries

Manage your form entries clearly in the backend incl. meta information & status.


Send your form leads directly to HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailchimp and other tools, or create your own interfaces with Zapier & Webhooks.

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Send your form mails through a verified mail server and prevent your mails from ending up in the spam folder. 

Honeypot & Google reCAPTCHA

GREYD.SUITE has a native Honeypot Spam Protection & Google reCAPTCHA integration to protect your forms against bots.

CSV Export

Export form entries easily as a CSV file.

Double Opt-in (DOI)

Thanks to the natively integrated double opt-in, you have data protection under control without any problems.

Follow-up actions

Set individually what should happen after a form entry – from popup to thank you page to messages & admin emails everything is possible!


Include upload fields in your forms that allow users to upload documents.

Hidden Fields

Enrich your form entries with information that is only visible in the backend.


Create smart & interactive forms with mathematical calculations and slider controls directly in GREYD.Forms.

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Automatic Deletion

Set individually that certain entries are automatically deleted in certain time intervals and thus provide a better overview in your backend.


Get valuable insights on how users interact with your forms – without analytics tool & of course GDPR-compliant.

Image Tiles

Visually appealing image tiles instead of simple selection fields increase your conversion rate.

Marketing Features


Effortlessly integrate analytics and tracking codes on your pages without any extra plugins.


Create custom popups without a plugin. All kinds of triggers are possible, e.g. exit intent, idle time, a certain user journey, or just the click of a button.

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Dynamic Content

Display different content to your users depending on URL parameters, the time of day, cookies or user roles.

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Social Media

Integrate your social media channels using icons, links or share buttons.


Create your own interfaces with webhooks and send your form data to almost any tool.

Announcement Boxes

With GREYD.SUITE, you don’t need a separate plugin to create boxes to highlight announcements, offers or information.


Incorporate customer testimonials with eye-catching block quotes and flexible post layouts.


Create custom search fields for your site, with full control over the field’s appearance and the results.


GREYD.SUITE offers you ideal conditions for top SEO rankings with everything from technical optimization to SEO-friendly content. 

Shop Builder

Turn your site into an online shop with custom design and layout – without writing a single line of code.

Gated Content


Create custom login pages and make content only accessible to certain visitors.

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