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Discover countless design options that far exceed established WordPress standards.

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Separation of content and design

Change your website's appearance in just a few clicks without affecting its content.

Complete design freedom

Unlike rigid themes and templates, GREYD.SUITE allows you to design your websites just the way you want them.

Drag & drop editor

Page layouts and content are structured intuitively without the need for programming expertise.

Visual feedback

Thanks to the live preview and clear design page, you can see all changes made in the Customizer straight away.

No programming needed

Whether you're creating an individual design or a form linked to your CRM – with GREYD.SUITE, you don't need a developer.


You can completely customise your site's responsive behaviour in just a few clicks.

Blank canvas

In GREYD.SUITE, you don't need to start by installing a template. Instead, you can start with a blank page or use existing layout templates.


Set down your site's basic structure in just a few clicks – without having to configure each and every individual setting first.


Many functions offer handy presets that remove the need for detailed individual configuration.


Whether CSS, JavaScript or HTML-Code, you can add any extensions you like to GREYD.SUITE.

Plugin recommendations

We mark plugins that have proven their worth in our years collaborating with agencies as "recommended".

40+ modules

Everything you need for professional websites – from a simple text module to a feature-heavy content box.

Lazy load

Page speed optimisation through optimised loading of images and animations

Academy & Helpcenter

A couple of short videos guide you to your first GREYD.SUITE websites within minutes. Many tutorial videos show you all options in detail.


Create accessible websites that can be used without limitations by everyone as well as by screen readers.
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Change your grid without the hassle of programming and adapt your layout for mobile devices with ease.

Global design

Switch from red to green with a single click. Instead of applying changes to each element separately, you can define design settings centrally for the entire site.
  • Dynamic Templates

By filling templates dynamically, you can use one template to host different content in different areas.

Images & videos

Incorporate audiovisual content wherever you like – even as a background, animated or with a hover effect.

Colour picker

Define your colours centrally with no restrictions and use the colour picker to make your individual selection.


Bring page elements to life with parallax and CSS animations – with no programming required.

Fully flexible headers

Maximum design freedom with intuitive operation guaranteed: individual off-canvas and overlay menus, freely movable header elements, dropdowns and much more.

Custom fonts

Choose the perfect Google Font or upload your own fonts to GREYD.SUITE.

Elegant Icon Library

The entire Elegant Icon range is available to use in GREYD.SUITE.

Import / export function

Import and export your design settings with a single click, independent of your content.


Place colour gradients behind your content, create dividing elements or work with overlays – all without any programming.


Design flexibly customisable colour gradients, even with repeat gradients and hard edges without any programming.

Drop shadow

In GREYD.SUITE, you don't need CSS to create individual drop shadows.


Work in rows with different levels to give your layout a 3D effect.

WordPress templates

Whether it's your 404 page, single-post templates or a footer – you have complete design freedom.
  • Dynamic Post Types

Design user-defined post types with custom taxonomies, e.g. posts for employees, locations, products or events.


Create your own sliders to highlight your content without any additional plugin.


Show posts, search results or archives in tables with sorting function.


Create animated counters for individual values or numbers of posts.


Have your users filter search results by categories or custom taxonomies.
  • Themes & Templates

Select from various website templates, fully flexible in design, layout & content.
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  • Global Content

Make your WordPress multisite a headless CMS and link content with several websites via one central backend.

One click migration

No complicated SQL scripts. No back and forth copying individual sections. Migrate websites within 60 seconds.


Whether for content, design settings or entire pages, the central dashboard for the entire installation makes creating backups simple.

Multisite management

GREYD.SUITE works perfectly for multisite environments and individual pages.

Database tables

Manage your database tables easily and clearly: delete, export and replace values.

Export & import

Export design settings, plugins, database tables and content from existing sites with ease and import them into a new site.


Retain total control over all pages in your installation with the clear and comprehensive dashboard.

Password protection

Protect individual pages or specific areas of your site with password protection.

CSV export

Export your form data easily as CSV file.

New websites

Create and set-up new websites without having to leave GREYD.Hub.

Easy reset

Resetting your design settings, content, GREYD.SUITE or your entire WordPress site is super easy in GREYD.Hub.

One click installation

Install GREYD.SUITE on new websites with just one click.

Centralised back end

Control and manage all your websites using one central platform.
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Form generator

Individual forms connected to your CRM

Design professional, mobile-responsive forms with double opt-in, a connection to your CRM, individual follow-up actions and conversion-oriented features.
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Interfaces & integrations

Use your tools with GREYD.SUITE

Take advantage of numerous interfaces – from webshop interfaces to links to your marketing and CRM tools.


Integrate analytics and tracking codes on your pages without any hassle or extra plugins.
  • Conditional Content

Display different content to your users depending on URL parameters, the time of day, cookies or user roles.

Social media

Integrate your social media channels using icons, links or share buttons.


Incorporate customer testimonials with eye-catching block quotes and flexible post layouts.

Page speed

Faster websites without complicated page speed optimization and less plugins that make your website slowly.

Announcement box

In GREYD.SUITE, you don't need a separate plugin to create individual announcement boxes to accentuate offers or information.


Create customisable search fields for your site, with full control over the field's appearance and the results returned.

Web shop

Make your website a web shop with individual design and layout, but without CSS or programming.


From technical optimization to SEO-ready content – GREYD.SUITE offers you ideal requirements and features for top SEO rankings.


Create your own interface via web hooks and send your form data to almost any tool.
  • Popups

Create custom popups with easy definition of various triggers. From exit intent, a certain page count or device to inactivity or buttons – there are no limitations!
  • Calculator

Create smart & interactive forms with mathematical calculations and slider controls directly in GREYD.Forms.

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