Find answers to frequently asked questions about GREYD.SUITE here.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about GREYD.SUITE here.

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GREYD.SUITE combines a page builder, a website management tool, a form generator and much more in one product. With this all-in-one online suite you can create landing pages, websites or entire multisites without any programming skills and in your familiar WordPress environment.

Do I need a WordPress theme to work with GREYD.SUITE?

No, just install GREYD.SUITE as a theme. You can start directly and design your individual website without any design limitations. Our set-up page, the wizard, a drag & drop editor as well as very handy presets will help you at the beginning.

Do I need to mention that my pages is built with GREYD.SUITE?

No. You can also test GREYD.SUITE with all its features for free. You will only need to activate a valid licence key to get rid of the watermark.

Who will host my website?

We recommend the German WordPress hoster WPspace. The hosting of WPspace has been optimized especially for GREYD.SUITE, which enables lightning fast loading times and maximum security. The WPspace team is delighted to move your website and supports you with any questions about WordPress for free. But of course, you can work with any hosting provider you like.

What's the difference between GREYD.SUITE and a page builder?

GREYD.SUITE has a page builder included, but on top of that it also offers you many more features. For example a form generator and a website management solution. Page builder mostly focus on design. GREYD.SUITE however focuses on businesses, thus offering all features that are needed in a corporate environment to manage your business online.

Which languages are supported by GREYD.SUITE?

GREYD.SUITE as well as all tutorials in our GREYD.Helpcenter are currently available in German and English. You can select your language in the WordPress settings.

Can I test GREYD.SUITE for free?

Yes, you can test GREYD.SUITE with all its features. There are no limitations in time, features or the number of domains on which you would like to test GREYD.SUITE. You only need a valid licence key to get rid of the watermark when publishing your website.

Which payment methods will be accepted?

To manage the payment we work with Stripe and Paypal. You can also pay with credit card.

Can I upgrade my licence later?

When you are using the free version, you can always get a licence package and activate it on your existing domain.

What happens after 12 months?

If you have the BASIC package, after 12 months no updates will be possible any longer and you licence cannot be activated on a different domain anymore. Your website however will remain as it is and will still be editable. Our subscription packages CORPORATE and AGENCY will be extended automatically without notice. Thus, you do not need to do anything and will receive new licences and personal support as long as you like.

Can I manage multisites with GREYD.SUITE?

Yes, it’s super easy! Our integrated website management solution GREYD.Hub enables you to manage any number of websites in one central platform. A few clicks are enough to duplicate or migrate websites or to make back-ups. Your administration workload will be reduced by a lot.

I am working with plugins that save serialized values. Will I be able to migrate those websites with GREYD.SUITE to another domain?

Yes, GREYD.SUITE will manage that automatically when importing your back-ups. On top of that, the respective values for domain, SSL, blog ID, database prefix and administrator email address will also be set automatically.

What is GREYD.Forms?

GREYD.Forms is a WordPress form generator natively integrated in GREYD.SUITE. It makes creating and managing professional forms super easy. Individual design, CRM connection, double opt-in, multi-level or dependencies – all this is possible without any programming skills in GREYD.Forms.

Are my forms GDPR-compliant?

GREYD.Forms offers you many options in terms of data protection. Among others, a double opt-in is natively integrated, enabling you to get the opt-in of your users in a two-step procedure. You can manage emails directly in the backend and will also find detailed reports on form entries, opt-ins and opt-outs including time and IP addresses.

Can I send form entries directly to my CRM?

GREYD.Forms has a direct interface to Salesforce and HubSpot and will soon offer interfaces to more CRM systems. Thus, you can send leads from your forms directly to your CRM. You can also export your form entries and import them manually to any CRM.

Which modules can I use in GREYD.Forms?

With GREYD.Forms you can create any type of form without programming. You can work with standard modules (e.g. text, checkbox, radio buttons, dropdown, upload, etc.). On top of that you will find many additional features:

- Clickable image tiles
- Hidden values
- Multi-level forms
- Conditional containers to manage dependencies

Next to these modules you will also find many options to manage follow-up actions (admin email, double opt-in, confirmation email, pop-up, message, etc.), interfaces (e.g. CRM & newsletter tool connections) and reports.

How secure is GREYD.SUITE?

We permanently make pen tests with GREYD.SUITE and work according to strict coding guidelines. We have extensive quality management processes to secure even the highest IT security standards of big company groups. If you are interested in more details, please ask for our IT guidelines.

Can I use GREYD.SUITE to build websites for cliens?

Yes, GREYD.SUITE is the perfect tool for service providers. You can create any type of website in less time and more cost-effective. With GREYD.Hub you can manage all your website projects on one central platform, import/export designs and layouts and much more. Check out the key features for service providers.

Will external service providers be able to work with GREYD.SUITE?

GREYD.SUITE works in the familiar WordPress environment. You just need to grant your agency of other service providers access to your backend and they will be able to start right away.

Do I need developer resources to create a website?

GREYD.SUITE enables even users with no programming skills at all to create professional websites and redesign websites with just a few clicks.

Can I add my own code to GREYD.SUITE?

CSS, HTML or JavaScript – you can add your own code to GREYD.SUITE without problem. To add global code snippets, for example from Google Analytics or chatbots, we also offer you a very simple feature that doesn’t require any technical know-how.

Does GREYD.SUITE work with third-party plugins?

Yes, you can use third-party plugins with GREYD.SUITE. For many popular plugins we even offer additional features. You will find a list of recommended plugins in the backend as well as in the installation wizard.

Can I use a child theme in GREYD.SUITE?

Yes, you can work with child themes. With GREYD.Hub, you can even import your design settings with just one click to your child theme.
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