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We Don't Follow the Flat Hierarchies Fad!

We don’t go on about having a “young, dynamic team”. We don’t try to sell free coffee as an amazing employee benefit. And we certainly don’t need an office dog as proof that we offer a modern workplace.

Instead of offering empty phrases that describe the stereotype of an ideal employer, we would far rather show who we actually are and how we work.

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What matters to us

And should also matter to you

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Beeing successful

Shared success depends on diversity and different perspectives.

We don't want someone to change who they are to fit in with us. Every member of our team brings their own identity and contributes their own strengths for the good of the team – and they should be valued for exactly that.

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Beeing focused

If you need to focus, you also need room to breathe.

We think it's vital that “flexible working” doesn't turn into “constant working”. We get together outside of work from time to time. However, we also set clear boundaries between professional and private matters.

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Being innovative

Innovation needs the right conditions

If you want to be innovative, you need the right conditions to help you flourish. Thanks to solid, long-standing relationships with our customers, we are in a position to implement truly innovative solutions and work with state-of-the-art technology. Do you have a crazy idea and the arguments to back it up? OK then – let's do it.

This is the right place for you


These things apply to you:

  • You would like to take on responsibility from the outset and prove yourself in exciting projects

  • You want to achieve great things without ever forgetting to enjoy yourself

  • You would like to discover – and help to shape – how websites work in future

  • You approach your duties with dedication and passion

  • You would rather take a chance (and fail) than always play it safe

  • How do we begin?

    Instead of listing your amazing skills one after the other in a standard letter of application, we’d prefer it if you just got in touch with us.
    Tell us what you can do
    what you want to achieve
    and why we’re the perfect match
    A fair wage, coffee and a flexible work schedule are essential elements of what we offer. If you need anything else to be at your best, let us know – and we’ll see what we can do. Mac or Windows? A palm tree by your desk? Working from home every so often?


Become part of the GREYD team

Software Developer (M/W/D)

We’re looking for committed Software Developers with initial practical experience and a passion for modern technologies. In this role, you will gradually take on responsibility for developing all manner of challenging and unique digital applications for our customers.

Junior Marketing Manager (M/W/D)

A whole host of interesting tasks and challenging projects await our new Junior Marketing Managers. Do you speak Online? If so, get in touch and send us an application – even if you don’t have a lot of professional experience yet.

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