Why are we so confident in GREYD.SUITE?

Because we built it for ourselves.

Webdesign Trends 2021
Die Entwicklung von Page Buildern

Form an online agency to a software company

Why the WP market needs GREYD.SUTIE

As web professionals we’ve run into the same problems so many times using the available web solutions. While page builders often make website building much easier, they quickly encounter their limits when it comes to projects of higher complexity. Not speaking about page speed and compatibility issues…

With GREYD.SUITE we have created an all-in-one solutions for professional website building that is so much more than just a tool to create nice websites. Agile content management, Headless CMS, time savings – these are the key topics of web design that we’ve all addressed with GREYD.SUITE.

Arbeitsfläche - Entstehung GREYD.SUITE

Native integration in the new Gutenberg Editor

A new era for WordPress

Launching the new block editor was one of the biggest changes in the entire WordPress universe. Gutenberg is the the foundation of far-reaching modifications of WordPress, that will make leave many plugins, page builders and themes completely redundant, as more and more features are integrated natively in WordPress.

While most market players are still waiting or cautiously making their features “compatible to Gutenberg” (which only means that the user can jump back and forth between their original features and the block editor), we have already decided in 2020 to fully follow WordPress’ way and integrate the editor natively in GREYD.SUITE.

Our Mission

Our goal is to give every business the opportunity to access the entire range of WordPress tools for creating a successful online presence – without needing to find enormous budgets for developers.