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All WordPress. One Suite.

Discover the new way to work with WordPress. Fully flexible. No coding, page builders, or lengthy plugin lists. The perfect tool for everyone who wants to efficiently design and manage complex web projects with the latest WordPress features.

Infrastructure Features

Pagebuilding Features

Visual Builder

Pages, forms, templates, or popups: Enjoy an intuitive design process with the WordPress Block Editor – enhanced & optimized by GREYD.

WordPress Gutenberg Logo black

Block Editor

With GREYD.SUITE, you’re using the WordPress Block Editor with additional features and optimizations. Creating professional websites has never been easier!

Block Editor

Global Styles

Full control. Minimal effort. Specify colors, shapes, and fonts for your entire website centrally. From buttons to forms, all elements automatically adapt to your defined styles.

Full Site Editing

Headers, 404 templates, footers, or post templates – with GREYD.SUITE you can customize any part of your website and use all blocks and functions.

Direct Settings Full Site Editing

Mobile Responsive

Create websites that look great on all devices. It’s easy, intuitive, and SEO friendly.

Small thin icon representing a desktop in black borders.
Small thin icon representing a laptop in black borders.
Small thin icon representing a tablet in black borders.
Small thin icon representing a smartphone in black borders.

Responsive Editing

GREYD.SUITE is designed to be responsive and gives you many additional options for full control on all screen sizes.

  • Bootstrap Grid

  • Built-in page grid with 12 columns

  • Options for Columns

  • Custom layouts for each breakpoint

  • Sizes & Spacing

  • Full control for all blocks

  • Custom Breakpoints

  • Adjustable breakpoint settings

Template Library

Choose from a wide range of free templates. Patterns, forms, popups, or even entire websites – with just one click.

Display of different templates from the library in the mobile variant and the web variant.
Template Library Overview with Partial Templates
Template Library Overview with Patterns
View Full Site Templates
Overview of some Templates
Fully Flexible Icon in White

Fully flexible

Adjust the design, layout & content of the templates according to your needs.

White icon of a gear

Perfectly integrated

Patterns and partial templates automatically adapt to your website’s design. 

White icon symbolically linking different pages.

Custom Templates

Turn a website into a template for other projects with just a few clicks.

Built for Performance

With GREYD.SUITE, you don't need third-party plugins or page builder tools that can ruin your page speed. Instead, you'll benefit from clean code and several performance-enhancing features like lazy load and optimized script loading.

Overview of Pagespeed


Create the most complex forms without any plugins – and the design adjusts to your website automatically.

Possibilities of forms you can create with GREYD.Forms

Your All-in-One Form Generator

From simple contact forms to multi-step forms with a CRM connection and hidden fields – anything is possible with GREYD.Forms!

  • Integrated Double Opt-in

  • 10+ Form Blocks

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Global Form Styles

  • Numerous Interfaces

  • Practical Templates

Custom Follow-up Actions

Whether you want to open a popup after submitting a form, send the user a double opt-in mail or notify an administrator: With GREYD.Forms you have full control over follow-up actions and data protection.

Setting the follow-up actions for forms

Conversion Boost for Your Forms

Use our numerous performance features without additional plugins

  • Multi-Step Forms

  • Dynamic Content

  • Image Tiles

  • Form Calculator

  • Slide Control

  • iOS Switch

  • Hidden Fields

Managing Form Entries

Send your web leads straight to your CRM or newsletter tool, export form data as a CSV file, and always keep track of all entries right in your WordPress backend.

Different Interfaces

Getting Started With GREYD

We know how hard it is to get started with new software. That’s why we’re making it as easy as possible for you!

Helpcenter & Academy

In-depth tutorials on all features as well as useful quick-learning videos to get you started.

Live Demo

Let us show you our SUITE in a personal call – we’ll answer your questions and look into your specific use case.

Thomas sits on a chair and explains how the demo works with GREYD.
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We are regularly speaking about current topics and new features in live webinars. Find out more in our Newsletter.


All the features for web admins in one place! Website moves, backups, database modifications, and more – it’s all just a click away in GREYD.Hub.

Website Management Has Never Been Easier

GREYD.Hub lets you manage all your sites in one backend, saving you lots of time and effort.

  • Central Backend

  • Manage all your websites from one platform

  • Import & Export

  • Complete website migrations in less than a minute

  • Backups

  • Easy backups of your data

  • Administration

  • Manage all settings directly in the hub


Boost your website conversions! Create unique popups with custom triggers, right within the block editor.

Popup Builder

Intuitively design custom popups, without any plugins – and the design adjusts to your website automatically. Choose from a variety of triggers, animations, rules & blocks.

Black icon of a lightning bolt representing the meaning of a trigger.

Custom Triggers

Set triggers for page load, exit intent, button click, after a certain scroll depth or inactivity – you can specify when you want a popup to appear.

Black icon of a gear

Dynamic Popups

Display popups when certain conditions are met, e.g., by URL parameter, user role, time of day, page history, device, or browser. 

Black bordered box with a black dot in the center, which symbolizes tracking.

Easy Tracking

 Accurately track your popup conversions and get the most out of your website.

User Management

Finally, no more fear of customers accidentally breaking their websites!

Custom User Roles & Permissions

Define down to the last detail who is allowed to see and edit which areas on a page.

  • Gated Content

  • Frontend content depending on user roles

  • Login Pages

  • Individual user login forms

  • User Roles

  • Central management of roles & capabilities

  • Admin Features

  • Redirects, Hidden Login, Admin Emails and more

Backend Einstellungen zur Erstellung benutzerdefinierter User Roles in der GREYD.SUITE

GREYD.SUITE Success Stories

What Web Experts Say About GREYD.SUITE

Simple or flexible? These marketing professionals, companies and freelancers have chosen both with GREYD.SUITE!


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We would recommend GREYD.SUITE to others, definitely.


Colin Banse
CEO, jung&Banse GmbH


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It’s a great tool to get your projects off the ground yourself!


Corinna Lässle
Designer, CL communication


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There is a ready solution for what we had in mind!


Fynn Schodde
Managing Director, marketingkollektiv GmbH


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I was very surprised by what the tool brings!


Justin Lohmeyer
Web designer, sugar-digital

Global Content

Headless Features for WordPress

Connect as many sites as you like and automatically sync content.

Headless_ Overview

Multisite Connector

Connect your websites, from single websites to multisite installations, or even multiple multisites, in one central system. 


With Global Content, you can even sync multilingual content, and choose the linked languages. 

For All Types of Content

Global Content lets you sync any type of content across multiple sites. Quickly sync single news posts, forms, footer templates, or entire post types. 

Dynamic Content

Display different content to your users depending on who's viewing your website, how they got there, or where they clicked in your form. 

Overview of different contents of the Conditional Content feature

GREYD Service

Do you have a question, have you found a bug, or do you need our help? Use our variety of service offers.

Premium Support

Subscription customers have access to personal support from our designers, developers, and tech experts. 


Do you have a particularly large or complex project? We will be happy to personally guide you and your team throughout the process.

Two gentlemen are sitting side by side in front of a laptop having an onboarding.
Request Now

Dynamic Post Types

Smart content management for your projects! Create custom post types without custom code or plugins.

Custom Post Types

Easy content management and full control over how your content is displayed.

Custom Taxonomies

Quickly and easily create custom taxonomies for your post types.

Dynamic Tags

Dynamically include content from your Post Types on your pages.

Post Overview

Create custom post overviews, sliders, and more.

Post Templates

Single template, search, or archive – you have full control over the design & the content.

Easy Data Management

Easy content editing, even without WordPress knowledge.

Filter & Sorting

Detailed & well-structured options in the backend and the frontend

Interfaces & Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your websites into your processes: GREYD.SUITE offers you interfaces to a wide range of tools – from CRMs and newsletter tools to Zapier & individual webhooks. 

Overview of possible interfaces, for example Salesforce, Rapidmail, Mailjet.

Dynamic Templates

Discover the new generation of website templates and experience a completely new way of working in WordPress!

Separate Content & Design

Use the same template with different content on different parts of your website. When you import a Dynamic Template to another website, it automatically adapts to the design of the page.

Simple Content Management 

There are no limits to the designer's creativity when building templates, and editors can fill them with content later without worrying about spacing, mobile optimization, or other design aspects.

Overview of settings for Dynamic Templates


News from the WordPress world, interesting facts for all web professionals, and of course everything you need to know about new GREYD features.

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