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Experience WordPress Like Never Before

The First All-in-one Suite with a Native Gutenberg Integration

With its block editor, WordPress has marked a new era of web creation. Use our fully native Gutenberg integration to create websites with excellent page speed. Yes, you heard that right: GREYD.SUITE isn’t only compatible with Gutenberg – everything’s fully integrated.

  • Save 75% of your time

    With GREYD.SUITE, you’re faster at what you do

  • Be fully flexible

    Anything is possible – no code or plugins needed

  • Speed it up

    GREYD.SUITE delivers faster websites than any page builder

GREYD.SUITE mit Block Editor

Full Flexibility. Minimum Effort.

WordPress Has Never Been So Easy

No more coding. No more page builders or plugins. You can create landing pages, corporate websites and even multisites with GREYD.SUITE – faster and easier. Use our native Gutenberg integration, global styles and countless other powerful features. 

Separation of content & design - Dynamic Templates

Agile Content Management

Create Outstanding Websites with Dynamic Content

Use the same template in multiple places – but with different content. Display content that automatically adapts to who's viewing your website, when they're viewing it, or how they got there. Or build forms that behave individually depending on the user's input. Anything is possible!

Global Content

Global Content

Use WordPress Like a Headless CMS

Global Content turns your WordPress multisite into a Headless CMS. Publish content automatically on several websites, sync your changes across unlimited websites, and access all your content from any of your websites. 

We’re Here to Help

In-Depth Video Tutorials, FAQs & More

Getting to know a new tool can be headache when you’re busy. This is why we made sure that transferring to GREYD.SUITE is easy. You can test our product without obligation and watch our quick video guides or our more detailed, in-depth tutorial videos to get started. And with the integrated block converter you can even edit existing websites with GREYD.SUITE



1 Website

Best for individual projects & newcomers who want to create a single website.

Subscription Plans

from 69

per month

Several Websites

For all of you who regularly launch new websites.

Additional benefits like premium support and access to multisite features like Global Content and Global Search.

Binde deine Tools an die GREYD.SUITE an

Interfaces & Integrations

Seamlessly Integrate All of Your Favorite Tools

GREYD.SUITE provides native interfaces to the most popular business tools on the web. You can send data from your shop or your forms to your CRM or connect your newsletter tool to the forms on your site. We’re here to make sure you can reproduce your business model easily and flexibly online. 

template Library

Theme & Template Library

Fully Customizable Website Templates

Save yourself some time by choosing from our themes & templates when you’re building forms, popups or entire websites. You’ll save even more time using our dynamic templates. Oh, and yes: Everything from layout to design is fully flexible and adaptable to your preferences. 

GREYD.SUITE Success Stories

What Web Experts Say About GREYD.SUITE

GREYD Testimonial SEO Sicht

Robert Rosenberg

Owner, SEO-Sicht

If you want a no-nonsense solution to create professional WordPress websites for yourself and your customers, you can’t go wrong with GREYD.SUITE.

Kundenreferenz Growth360

Christine Waldmann

Owner, Growth360 GmbH

We recommend GREYD.SUITE to all our clients. It’s the perfect tool for lead generation websites.

Read the entire story


Manfred Streit

Managing Director, AccScale Solutions GmbH

With GREYD.SUITE we’re building landing pages faster than ever before.

Read the entire story

GREYD Referenz Social Emotion

Selina Kornegger

CEO, Social Emotion SMA GmbH

We can absolutely recommend GREYD.SUITE!

Read the entire story

Bloggerin Jennifer Zimmermann

Jennifer Zimmermann

Blogger, Home of Blossom

I was able to make my blog look just like I imagined. Unlike pre-made website templates, there are no limitations with GREYD.SUITE.

Read the entire story


Benjamin Kreuzer

Director Corporate Marketing, CANCOM SE

Using GREYD.SUITE has saved us lots of money, and we’re also much faster at creating and maintaining websites.

Logo 08221

Markus Vorwerk

Owner, 08221 Agency

We’re so glad we found this tool. It helps us meet all our client’s specific requests, even though we’re also much faster at getting website projects done.

Andreas Maslo GREYD Testimonial

Andreas Maslo

CEO & Co-Founder, Verso GmbH

Going with GREYD.SUITE was an excellent decision for us. It meets all our high standards in terms of page speed, mobile-first design and ease of use.

Read the entire story

Florian Holl GREYD Testimonial

Florian Holl

CEO & Co-Founder, Verso GmbH

GREYD.SUITE is a valuable tool that helps us to generate leads online with ultra-fast pages, ease of use and secure forms in line with data protection requirements.

Read the entire story

Samuel Bornemann GREYD Testimonial

Samuel Bornemann

Business Manager, inviniti AG

GREYD.SUITE is the perfect tool for our high-performance site. It gives us an enormous advantage, especially when it comes to page speed.

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Successful on the Web

Simple or flexible? These marketing pros, companies and freelancers chose both with GREYD.SUITE!

Everything You Need. Compiled in One Suite

Powerful Features for Your Website

No more lengthy plugin lists. We go for native integrations that work seamlessly with all kinds of business processes.

Dynamic Templates Icon

Dynamic Templates

Layout Templates, Catered to Your Needs

Keep your workload to a minimum by creating flexible layout templates to use with different content throughout your website. They’ll even automatically adapt to your website’s design specifications. This will make maintaining your pages easier – without any WordPress skills.



Your Future Favorite Form Generator

You’ll never need a form builder plugin again. Build everything from simple contact forms with double opt-in to complex multi-level forms, connect them to your CRM, add conditional logic or even calculations. It’s quick and easy with GREYD.Forms.

GREYD.Hub Icon


Website Management, Easier Than Ever

Easily manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. You can access all your client websites, create bulk backups, and manage key settings in just a few clicks.

Dynamic Content Icon

Dynamic Content

Tailored Content for Every User

With our Dynamic Content feature, you can add personalized content based on the visitor’s profile or interaction with the website. Vary content by the time of day, boost conversions by dynamically customizing popups and forms, or adapt landing pages depending on where the user came from – your options are endless.

Be in the Know


We’ll help you navigate the WordPress universe!On the blog, our experts share the insights to help you step up your web creation game and keep you up to date. 

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